ACSM's 2017 Health & Fitness Summit: PRECON: Resistance Training Recommendations during Mid-Adulthood

Pete Ronai

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The American College of Sports Medicine guidelines recommend resistance exercises to enhance physical health, fitness and function in adults. Pete will describe strategies to modify guidelines and meet challenges of busy, sedentary adults. Development of chronic diseases, their risks and increased sedentary time can cause physical de-conditioning, functional impairments and reduced safety during workouts. Attendees will practice exercises and drills to prevent training related injuries, enhance physical function and develop competencies necessary for safe, lifelong, progressive resistance training.  

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Learning Objectives

  • Identify the health related strength needs unique to middle adulthood
  • Learn and apply current resistance training guidelines safely and effectively with middle adults
  • Practice exercises and drills to enhance new skill acquisition, movement proficiency and exercise safety in middle adults 

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Course Content

ACSM's 2017 Health & Fitness Summit Online Video: PRECON: Resistance Training Recommendations during Mid-Adulthood
ACSM's 2017 Health & Fitness Summit Online CEC: PRECON: Resistance Training Recommendations - Adulthood - TEST