ACSM Health & Fitness Journal March – April 2017 CEC Course #1: Managing Risks of Training with Kettlebells...

By Luke Del Vecchio, M.Sc. and Betul Sekendiz, M.Sc., Ph.D.


Managing Risks of Training with Kettlebells to Achieve Optimum Benefits


By Luke Del Vecchio, M.Sc. and Betul Sekendiz, M.Sc., Ph.D

Kettlebell training offers the chance to vary existing exercise regimes and can benefit cardiovascular fitness, core stability, muscular strength, and power. Moreover, kettlebell exercises can be used to improve hamstring function and potentially reduce neck and lower back pain. However, the ballistic and unorthodox nature of kettlebell training techniques can increase the risk of injuries, especially in unconditioned participants and beginners. Providing health/fitness professionals implement risk management strategies including a comprehensive pre-exercise health screening system, functional movement screening, appropriate weight and ergonomic selection, the risk of injuries can be minimized for the safe and effective use of kettlebells in exercise programs.


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Learning Objectives

By reading this article the health and fitness professional will:

  • Learn how to understand and assess the risks of training with kettlebells.
  • Be able to use risk-management strategies to control and minimize risks pertaining to the use of kettlebells.

Key words: Kettlebell Training, Kettlebell Exercises, Health Benefits, Risk Management, Injury Prevention

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ACSM Health & Fitness Journal March – April 2017 CEC Article #1: Managing Risks of Training with Kettlebells to Achieve...
ACSM Health & Fitness Journal March – April 2017 CEC Test #1: Managing Risks of Training with Kettlebells to Achieve..
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