ACSM Health & Fitness Journal January - February 2017 Course #1: Go Green with Outdoor Activity

By Dixie Stanforth, PhD and Kelsey Brown, M.Ed


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Go Green with Outdoor Activity

By Dixie Stanforth, PhD and Kelsey Brown, M.Ed

Bridging the Gap: This article presents the current research supporting outdoor exercise and helps readers utilize their environment to structure exercise programs with limited equipment. The template allows trainers to build workouts in multiple outdoor settings that are adaptable to their environment, while being suitable for clients of all levels. This article bridges the gap between the latest research on outdoor exercise and workout programming, meeting the needs of practitioners looking to overcome the obstacles of time, space and equipment.


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Learning Objectives

After reading this article, the reader will be able to:

•Understand what green exercise is and how to outline the benefits of outdoor exercise and provide instructions for practical application.

•Look to his or her outdoor environment and build comprehensive workout programs suitable for clients of varying fitness levels.

Key words: Outdoor Exercise, Green Exercise, Circuit Training, Bodyweight Training

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Course Content

ACSM Health & Fitness Journal January - February 2017 Article #1: Go Green with Outdoor Activity
By Dixie Stanforth, PhD and Kelsey Brown, M.Ed
ACSM Health & Fitness Journal January - February 2017 Test #1: Go Green with Outdoor Activity
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