ACSM 2015 Health & Fitness Summit: Workshop: The Ultimate Light Kettlebell Workshop

Presented by: Irene Lewis-McCormick, M.S., C.S.C.S.

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Learn to create an intense, total-body workout developing strength, stamina and range of motion using light-weight kettle bells. This ageless training tool allows for a wide range of planes of motion, emphasizing power and control. Using soft training techniques, instructors will acquire a fresh variety of movement patterns to assist their clients and groups in achieving complete fitness. Movements can be applied to HIIT protocols or used as stand-alone exercises for fitness classes, small groups or PT sessions.

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Learning Objectives

After viewing this presentation, the viewer should be able to:

1.      Recognize the benefits of using light weight kettlebells for performance-based training for small or large group training.

2.      Compare and contrast between hard and soft kettlebell training techniques.

3.      Explain the origins of kettlebells and define and describe the purpose of using kettlebells as opposed to dumbbells or other resistance equipment in group fitness settings.

4.      Identify and address safety issues and concerns when selecting and using light kettlebells in group settings, as opposed to one on one.

5.      Design classes that include easy to implement movement patterns that can be regressed or progressed for a variety of fitness levels using traditional repetition based training and time-based protocols.

6.      Coach, cue and communicate kettlebell exercises using a direct, quick command format. 

Course Content

The Ultimate Light Kettlebell Workshop: Health & Fitness Summit 2015
ACSM 2015 Health & Fitness Summit: Workshop: The Ultimate Light Kettlebell Workshop- TEST