ACSM 2015 Health & Fitness Summit: Top 5 Performance Enhancers for Fitness

Presented by Mike Bracko, Ed.D., CSCS, Exercise Physiologist

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The proper amount and quality of sleep, appropriate hydration, post work-out snack of carbohydrate and protein, recovery techniques (foam roller), and training when the body is at peak circadian rhythm are five top performance enhancers. When personal trainers give this information to their clients, the results for fitness and health can be remarkable. It’s important for personal trainers to give their clients as many performance enhancing tools as possible so they can receive maximum benefit from their work-outs and enjoy the highest quality of health as possible.

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Learning Objectives

  1. 1.        Explain to clients why sleep is referred to as the athlete’s steroid.
  2. 2.        Understand the importance of hydration and that some clients need more or less fluid depending on how hard and how long they exercise.
  3. 3.        Summarize what the best combination of protein and carbohydrate is for a post-work-out snack, drink, or meal.
  4. 4.        Discover how foam rolling can be implemented into a client’s warm-up and how foam rolling can decrease delayed onset muscle soreness.
  5. 5.        Understand that a client can maximize his training by exercising during his peak circadian time.
  6. 6.        Apply the research on sleep and how our clients can improve their fitness performance by getting 7.5 – 9 hours of sleep each night.

Course Content

Top 5 Performance Enhancers for Fitness: Health & Fitness Summit 2015
ACSM 2015 Health & Fitness Summit: Top 5 Performance Enhancers for Fitness- TEST