ACSM 2015 Health & Fitness Summit: Movement Analysis in Older Adults

Presented by: Christian Thompson, Ph.D.

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This session will introduce a movement analysis template to be used when analyzing older adults while performing functional fitness assessments. These observations will be used to construct corrective exercise programs.

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Learning Objectives

1.         Identify current falls occurrence statistics in the United States

2.         Administer the Timed-Up-And-Go (TUG) test

3.         Identify task demands associated with the TUG test

4.         Analyze movement quality in the TUG test

5.         Match movement analysis with corrective exercise strategies

6.         Contrast results in two separate case studies of the TUG test

Course Content

Movement Analysis in Older Adults: Health & Fitness Summit 2015
ACSM 2015 Health & Fitness Summit: Movement Analysis in Older Adults- TEST