ACSM's Health & Fitness Journal September - October 2016 Course #2:TARGETED RESISTANCE TRAINING TO IMPROVE INDEPENDENCE...

by Joseph F. Signorile, Ph.D.


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Targeted Resistance Training to Improve Independence and Reduce Fall Risk in Older Clients

By Joseph F. Signorile, Ph.D.

Resistance training is a potent tool for increasing independence and reducing falls and related injuries in aging individuals; however, to maximize the effectiveness of this tool we must abandon the one-dimensional "anaerobic strength" picture of resistance training and recognize that by changing the structure of the workouts and the methods by which overloads are applied we can truly realize the multidimensional nature of this tool for successful aging.


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Learning Objectives

Readers will learn the multidimensional nature of resistance training. Information will be provided that will allow readers to modify common resistance training protocols and learn novel techniques to target goals inherent to the aging process. They also will learn how specific protocols can be structured to maximize benefits.

Key words: Resistance Training, Training Specificity, Translation, Exercise Prescription

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Course Content

ACSM's Health & Fitness Journal September - October 2016 CEC Article #2: TARGETED RESISTANCE TRAINING TO IMPROVE INDEPENDENCE...
by Joseph F. Signorile, Ph.D.
ACSM's Health & Fitness Journal September - October 2016 Test #2:TARGETED RESISTANCE TRAINING TO IMPROVE INDEPENDENCE...