ACSM's 2017 Health & Fitness Summit Online Video Bundle / Pre-Order Sale!!!

Pre-order NOW and be the first to get the 2017 Health & Fitness Summit videos!!! Looking to add some of the top program sessions to your health and fitness arsenal? Get the top Health & Fitness Summit sessions and as a bonus feature, free workout videos, from the 2017 program in San Diego, CA! CECs are NOT offered for this video bundle. Online videos only.



Did you miss ACSM's 21st Health & Fitness Summit?  Was there a session you really want to see again?  The Health & Fitness Summit videos will be available soon!  Pre-order now and be the first to get them!

Here's what's included:

PRECON: Resistance Training Recommendations during Mid-AdulthoodPete Ronai
PRECON: Resistance Training and Older Adults Getting the Most Out of the Golden YearsChristian Thompson
Keynote- Cardiorespiratory Fitness, Physical Activity and Cardiovascular Health: Clarifying the Risk-Protection ParadoxBarry A. Franklin
Workout: Bodyweight BalanceKeli Roberts
Keynote- Using Theory and Technology to Promote Physical Activity Adoption and MaintenanceBess Marcus
I Get By With a Little Help From My Friends: Using Social Support to Help Clients Achieve ResultsKara Mohr
Workout: Cardio Funk Rewind Alex McLean
Workout: The Ultimate Light Dumbbell WorkoutIrene Lewis-McCormick
Diabetes in Your Workplace: Prepare for the FutureKris A. Haugen
Sports Nutrition in the Real World - Translating Research into RealityKim Schwabenbauer
Practical Tips to Implement EIM in Various Work Settings Renee Jeffreys-Heil
 Johanna Ferguson
The Dr. Bortz Lecture: Anti-Aging Benefits of Regular Exercise and Increased Cardiorespiratory FitnessBarry A. Franklin
HOT TOPIC PANEL: Meeting of the Minds: The Future of the Fitness Industry Len R. Kravitz
 Michael Spezzano
 Dixie Stanforth
 Carol A. Kennedy-Armbruster
 Keli Roberts
HOT TOPIC PANEL: Power and Future of Behavior Change for Fitness ProfessionalsGary A. Sforzo
 Gary Liguori
 Brad A. Roy
Workout: Rope Burn Abbie Appel
Larry Golding Keynote: Exercise is Medicine®:  The Importance of Connecting Fitness with HealthcareRobert E. Sallis
Analyzing & Communicating Controversies in Metabolism Dixie Stanforth
How to Build an Efficient and Scalable Online Training Business Jonathan Goodman
Promising or Misleading?  Popular Issues and Strategies used in the Wide World of Weight Management Laura Kruskall
I'm Hungry, What Should I Eat?Damon McCune
Workshop:Teaching Strategies for Small Group TrainingKeli Roberts
The Importance of Sleep to Health and Fitness Christopher Kline
HOT TOPIC PANEL: Health Promotion- Lessons LearnedChristian Thompson
 Ashley Reid
 Mary Kruse
Beyond Calories - 21st Century Optimization of an Athlete's Diet Mike Roussell

Workshop: Teach, Learn, and Communicate! 

Mary Yoke


CECs are NOT available for this video bundle.  This is an online only video collection of sessions and workouts from ACSM's Health & Fitness Summit.  Refunds/credits will not be issued for this video bundle.


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CECs are NOT available for this video bundle.

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