ACSM's 2016 Health & Fitness Summit: Under-Eating and Under-Performing - CEC

Damon McCune

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Damon will discuss the common misconceptions that athletes have about food intake and how that can effect their performance and health. He will also address health risks and metabolic adaptations that are association with improper nutritional intake. Finally, he will elaborate on how to correct these adaptations from a nutritional standpoint to maintain optimal athletic performance and overall health.

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Learning Objectives


  • Identify sports that have an aesthetic body component to competition
  • Identify common nutrition concerns related to fad diets
  • List two methods used for calculating energy needs of an athlete
  • Explain the metabolic adaptations associated with under consumption

Course Content

ACSM's 2016 Health & Fitness Summit: Under-Eating and Under-Performing
Under-Eating and Under-Performing - Test