ACSM 2014 Health & Fitness Summit: Relationship Nutrition

Presenters: Page Love & Julie Holland ***Bonus Feature: Equipment-LESS Bootcamp workout with Abbie Appel

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Are clients telling you that their nutrition plans are sabetoged in their homes by their family members? Learn how to navigate family nutrition issues and help your clients communicate their needs in their family systems. Help your clients reach optimum behavioral success by learning the principles of "family nutrition therapy" with an experience registered dietitian and expert in dealing with emotional eating issues, Page Love.

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Learning Objectives

Following this presentation, attendees will be able to…

1.      Employ communication skills for dealing with difficult client challenges around relationship issues with nutrition and exercise.

2.      Explain the benefit of coupling a therapist/counselor with a dietitian in dealing with these relationship issues.

3.      Apply both a non-diet and intuitive eating approach to nutrition and exercise for sustainable success with clients.

Course Content

ACSM 2014 Health & Fitness Summit: Relationship Nutrition - VIDEO
ACSM 2014 Health & Fitness Summit: Relationship Nutrition - TEST
ACSM 2014 Health & Fitness Summit: Workout: Equipment-LESS Boot Camp